Timedia was selected to grow the Ulendo brand in Zambia. The first of it’s kind, Ulendo is a pay for a ride service which is operated by regular people using their own cars. It is the alternative to using a taxi and getting a cheaper ride. Riders are quoted the fare that they will pay before requesting the ride.


The PR campaign would reach out to people who would be interested in not only becoming a driver but being informed that they can make some extra money on their own schedule. Secondly, to create content that promotes the efficiency if the service as well as the safety.


When Timedia picked up Ulendo Taxi as a client they had about 50 drivers. In 2 and half weeks over 100 new drivers had signed up. Timedia used 2 campaigns to sign up new drivers and promote the safety and cheaper rates and benefits of using Ulendo rather than a normal taxi.


Ulendo continues to grow and through Timedia is promoting a cheaper, more reliable and effect way for consumers to get to their destination at a fairer price. More people are also signing up to drive on their own schedule and their own time.