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Zed Arts Live: The New Wave is HERE!

New wave music + a live band = a great way to spend your Saturday night.

That’s what Zed Arts, the new wave website, app and record label, blessed us with this weekend at the Crossbar in Woodlands.


I had the privilege of attending the first-ever live Zed Arts Show, and I was thoroughly impressed. The setup, the atmosphere, everything was so well done, you would think they had done this plenty times over. Crossbar itself was an appropriate venue, not too big so it looks empty, and not too small that it was over-crowded. The vibe was immensely positive, and I know the artists did a great job, but I was really encouraged by how the audience was supporting their homegrown talent. I felt a sense of pride, at the fact that Zambians could come out in their numbers to support upcoming artists like that. It’s exactly the kind of attitude I was talking about in my previous blog post, and I’ve found a few artists I’m gonna pay a little more attention to, which I guess was the essence of this entire event.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was lit. To Bwalia Nkumbula (Zed Arts founder) and the entire Zed Arts roster, this was such a great experience, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone who attended when I say that we can’t wait to see what you guys have planned next. These are exactly the kind of shows the Zambian music game needs right now.

It wouldn’t be right for me to talk about all the talent on display without linking them. Here is a full list of the lineup, and you can just click their names to see what they’re all about. You won’t regret it!

1. Rebels Inc.

2. Faith & Taehr

3. Akar

4. Niké

5. Frazer

6. Zarani

7. Bek Zela

8. Talé Sheezy

9. Kunkeyani Tha Jedi

10. Natasha Chansa

Be sure to jump onto any of these talents before it’s too late. Don’t say we never told you.

**All photos taken by Dwayne Photography

By Wenguss Khan @wenguss